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I have been thinking for a while about bringing back the EP™ POWERFULL TIPPET MATERIAL. My question was and still is "Do we need another tippet material?” Well, I receive many emails and phone requests like this from Doug Ervin of ID:
On the Madison River the other day I was reminded just how good EP™ PowerFull tippet is and how much I miss it. I am down to my last spool. It's 6X and fishes the #20 midges and BWO's perfectly, landing rainbows up to an honest 18" that day. None of the new copolymers are as good and they all deform and weaken when knots are tightened even with the most care and using ChapStick to lube the knots. PLEASE bring PowerFull back. Alternatively, is there a source for similar mono? THANK YOU Doug Ervin Ashton, ID.
After receiving this email I said to myself I guess indeed there is a need for another tippet material. Give it a try and let me know; I’m sure you will be pleased with it.
EP™ POWER FULL TIPPET MATERIAL A tippet material with a high quality property to compete with today’s market, this monofilament speaks for itself.
EP™ POWER FULL TIPPET MATERIAL is made of 100% nylon recombined with closed microcell so as not to absorb water and to prolong lifespan. The color is achieved during the construction of the nylon, not added after, so as to avoid changes in the product. This color camouflages the monofilament so that it is completely invisible.
The nylon is completely silicone plated to render it completely homogeneous and uniform. This characteristic serves as shock absorber, concentrating the breakage strength on the entire length of the line. This raises the breaking point. The nylon is memory-free and will not curl even after continuous use. It is extremely resistant to abrasion. Independent tests done on the 3x show the breaking point at 4.2kg rather than 3.9kg as listed by the manufacturer.