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After more than a year of collaboration with my good friend Graziano Magrini from Italy, I am proud to introduce the new GME VISE. Graziano is not only an exceptional fly fisherman and fly tier, but he is also one of the finest machinists that I have ever had the pleasure to know. His work is very well known.
All of you know me and when it comes to quality and practicality I do not compromise. The new GME VISE will speak for itself and I am very proud to introduce it to you.
The new GME VISE is not only both exceptionally well machined and practical, but also extremely elegant. In fact, the new GME VISE needs no tools of any kind to adjust. With simple easy-to-fasten knobs the fingers do the adjustments.
The new GME VISE is made from the finest materials available: top quality stainless and high carbon steel from Austria make the jaws for holding hooks, simply the best no matter what size, 28 to 10/0; the ball bearings are made in Sweden, and the remaining parts are made of high grade 11S aluminum and top quality Italian brass.
You will have two options to choose from, the c-clamp with a wheel or cylinder or the pedestal with the wheel or cylinder. Either option will come with all the necessary components to set the VISE at any angle you like. No need to purchase additional separate components, you’re done and ready to tie!
The vise comes with a carrying case for added convenience. The case is made of a highly indestructible composite plastic that is waterproof and airtight. This case has even proven to be bomb proof, so if you drop it, don’t worry.
I guarantee the GME VISE for what it is meant to do - tie flies. This is no doubt the Ferrari of vises. Simply take good care of it like anything else. Clean it periodically, especially the jaws with a light machine oil or similar, and it will last for generations to come. I welcome you to enjoy it.
VISE is entirely produced and manufactured in Italy by Magrini Enterprise LL