A touch thicker, denser, and stiffer than original EP® TRIGGER POINT FIBERS, this 100% synthetic fiber is perfect for dry flies size 8-12, as well as larger patterns such as Stonefly, Hoppers, Chernobyl, and Damsel.

  • 8" Length - Approx. 5 gr. Per Pack
  • Extremely Durable Synthetic Material
  • 0% Water Absorption
  • Natural Floating & Non-Stick Property


The first 100% synthetic fibers created specifically for dry flies, designed to match a multitude of Mayflies found worldwide.

I started working on EP® TRIGGER POINT FIBERS in 2005.  It took me about 3 years to perfect the formula, introducing them to the market in 2008.  It has been the same formula since, nothing has changed. Ok one small change - in the very beginning the fibers were treated with a floatant, but I quickly learned this was totally unnecessary as the material has an incredible natural floating property!

The new EP® TRIGGER POINT SUPREME is a touch thicker and denser than the original EP® TRIGGER POINT FIBERS.  They are perfect for tying larger size dry flies between size 8-12, as well as a number of other larger patterns including Stonefly, Hoppers, Chernobyl, and Damsel to name a few.  The slightly denser material makes these large flies float like a dream.

There are a number of carefully designed blended colors to match just about any flying insect, but you also have the option of blending your own individual colors for specific hatches on your local waters.  They are marking-pen friendly as well for additional color variations; the possibilities are endless!  The wings and body of Mayflies such as March Browns, Blue Winged Olives or the fabled Morning Dun can be matched effortlessly.

A little playing around and you’ll quickly learn what this material is capable of.  You can seriously do an entire fly with the same fiber: the tail, the body, the thorax and the wings.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money buying a ton of different products to make a fly (we all know quality dry hackle is not cheap).  But, if you do want to dress up the fly to further match the hatch, a little synthetic dubbing on the thorax area is a nice touch!

0% Water Absorption - On the first backcast whatever water is on the fly will flick right off and the fly will be bone dry by the time it hits the water.

Non-Stick Material - In the summer months you can have a ton of algae and other green stuff in the water.  It can be a nightmare cleaning the fly of all that junk.  With synthetic, you don’t have to worry about that.

Natural Floating Property - Seriously, this material floats!

Extreme Durability - Synthetic is much more durable than natural.  You will catch fish after fish on the same fly, no problem.

Trim to Size - One of the biggest advantages in my opinion: you can easily trim these fibers to your desired size.  Say you’re fishing a specific hatch, and all of a sudden you have refusal. Maybe the fly is too big and you don’t have anything smaller with you.  Just grab your scissor,  give a quick trim, and you’re ready to throw that fly back in the water immediately.  You cannot do that with natural material.

Enrico Puglisi Flies is dedicated to bringing the best flies, fly tying materials, and fly tying accessories to the fly fishing world. Only the highest quality materials are used in our flies and extensive testing in saltwater and freshwater fly fishing realm.
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