This is the foam we use when tying one of the best flies ever created; the Gurgler.  Created by our beloved Jack Gartside, this subsurface pattern is used worldwide on a number of species.  While not quite a popper, it produces a unique effect that “gurgles” along the surface.

Each set contains 2mm and 3mm foam in a combination of two colors that you can use to tie any size fly by simply cutting the foam to your desired length.

  • 6 Sets Per Pack (12 Pieces Total)
  • 2mm & 3mm Foam
  • 0% Water Absorption
  • Very Easy to Cast


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Application: tye to the hook shank with thread and put in place with a touch of ZAP CA THIN

“Jack was the best.  He would share everything he knew with everyone, he wasn’t trying to keep any secrets.  One of my favorite Jack stories; he drove a taxi and had a vise he would attach to the steering wheel.  Whenever he had a moment he wasn’t driving (stopped at a red light, waiting to pick someone up) he would be tying.  Without Jack we wouldn’t have one of the best flies ever, he deserves all the credit.” -Enrico

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