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Al Quattrocchi

Pro Team
Country:United States
Web Address:http://alquattrocchi.wordpress.com/
Al Quattrocchi (aka Al Q) was born and raised in New York where he developed his love for fishing early in his childhood while living in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. As a teenager he spent endless hours on party boats and surf fishing the beaches and jetties of Breezy Point, Rockaway and Jamaica Bay for striped bass, bluefish, weakfish and fluke.

After moving to California in the late seventies to attend college he was inspired to switch to the fly rod and fly fish the surf after years of reading articles written by his mentors; Lefty Kreh, Bob Popovics, Ed Jaworowski, Lou Tabory and Nick Curcione. His articles and fly patterns have been published in Fly Fishing in Saltwaters, Fly Tier and Saltwater Fly Fishing magazines.

Al Q is a licensed guide and does lectures and slide presentations to many fly fishing clubs and fly shops in Southern California. He hopes to bring more younger people into the sport of saltwater fly fishing through the “One Surf Fly” which is a fun beach event he has created. The OSF brings the saltwater fly fishing community together by supporting local fly shops and non-profit organizations that in turn nourish our local fisheries. www.onesurffly.com

As a pro fly tier Al Q currently has two fly patterns in Umpqua’s Surf Fly Series. The Qs Beach Bug along with the Corbina Candy are two of the best selling surf flies in Umpqua’s Surf Fly Series. Al is currently on the Sage, Rio, Abel, Simms, Umpqua, Mustad and Tuffleye pro staffs.

Al Q resides in Westchester, CA with his wife Janet and daughter Quinn. www.alquattrocchi.wordpress.com

How Long have you been a fly tier?:
over thirty years

Companies names you team up with and contact name:

umpqua, mustad, tuffleye, daiichi, hareline dubbing,

How long have you been with the companies as a Pro Tyer:

ten years

Do you teach fly tying classes?:


Please list any fly fishing shows you participate in:

fly tackle dealership, pasadena fly fishing show, marriotts fly fishing store

List any magazines or publications you write articles for:
fly fishing in saltwaters, saltwater fly fishing

Please list any clubs or organizations you have given tying demos to: downey fly fishers, southbay flyfishing club, wilderness flyfishing club, san diego fly shop, fisherman's spot, marriotts fly fishing store, saltwater flyrodders pacific,

List any fishing clubs you are a member of:



Pro Team
Country:United States
How Long have you been a fly tyer:
25+ years

Companies names you team up with a contact name:
Hareline Dubbin, Cascade Crest Tools, Gamakatsu Hooks, Umpqua, Hatch Reels Pro Staff, Regal Engineering Pro Staff, Performance Flies Pro Staff

How long have you been with the companies as a Pro Tyer:

Several years now.

Do you teach fly tying classes:

Yes, and do presentations

Please list any fly fishing shows you participate in:
International Fly Tying Symposium, Fly Fishing Show, Bears Den and various other regional shows and clubs for presentations

Please list any magazines or publications you write articles for:
Written articles in Fly Fisherman Magazine and Easter Fly Fishing Magazine. More on my website for that.

Please list any clubs or organizations you have given tying demos to:
Farmington River Anglers Association, Croton Watershed TU, Joan Wulff Fly Fishers, Housatonic River Anglers Association, Connecticut Fly Fishermans Association, and various other Trout Unlimited organizations

List any fishing clubs you are a member of:
FRAA (farmington River Anglers Association


Pro Team
Address:80 Contant Avenue
State:New Jersey
Country:United States

"I became interested in fly fishing for trout at a young age of 12. I had a neighbor who tied flies commercially for HL Leonard Rod Co. and would to let me watch while he tied and always gave me his rejects to fish with. Back in the 1960's this was very unusual since back then most tiers kept their methods a secret. After college, I became extremely passionate about tying and tied flies for local fly shops in the 1970's and 80's until the family came along. I had been trained in the classic Catskill style but recently I have had a lot of success in substituting the new synthetic materials into the classic flies with great fishing results. I predominately fish  the "Delaware River System" for trout and Lake Ontario tributaries for steelhead.

I am a Estimator/Project Manager for one of the largest heavy construction companies in the country that is based out of New Jersey. I reside in Sussex, NJ with my wife of 42 years."??

Very truly yours.??

Robert Hopken

?"Uncle Bob"

Paul Dolbec

Pro Team
Country:United States
Paul has been a fly fisherman and fly tier for over 45 years. Originally from New England, he has fished for fresh and salt-water species in the East, ventured from time to time in the West for trout and steelhead, and has also experienced fly fishing in Canada, Argentina, England, Scotland, Ireland and Germany. Paul spent nine years with LL Bean as an instructor in three main areas; 3-day Introductory Schools, Atlantic Salmon Fly Schools, and the Fly Tying Schools. Paul also worked and lead instructor and coordinator for many of LL Bean’s “celebrity fly tying” events. Paul also demonstrated fly tying and casting in the LL Bean flagship store in Freeport ME. Paul is an active member with FFI, ASF, WCFF, SFAOD, PA Fly Fishing Museum, and the Catskill Fly Tiers Guild. He has contributed to the PA Heritages Days and attended and taught at FFI Rendezvous events. He is a member of the Douglas Outdoors’s Pro Staff, and a Feature Tyer for the Fly Fishing Shows. Paul first love is fishing for Atlantic salmon, but he also feels that Bonefish and complex Trout situations are very challenging and also fun to do. Paul’s Spey Casting articles have been published in the FFI’s The Loop magazine, and he maintains an active status as a Certified Casting Instructor with the FFI and a member of the FFI Fly Tying Group. Over this time as an instructor, Paul has developed some practical and effective techniques to coach and teach people to overhead and spey cast with single-handed as well as two-handed rods. Paul currently lives in Lincoln DE with his wife Elyse.