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EP™ Powerful Tippet is Back!

A tippet material with a high quality property to compete with today’s market, this monofilament speaks for itself.

EP™ POWER FULL TIPPET MATERIAL is made of 100% nylon recombined of closed microcell so as not to absorb water and to prolong lifespan.

The color is achieved during the construction of the nylon, not added after, so as to avoid changes in the product. This color camouflages the monofilament so that it is completely invisible. The nylon is completely silicone plated to render it completely homogeneous and uniform. This characteristic serves as shock absorber, concentrating the breakage strength on the entire length of the line. This raises the breaking point.
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Enrico Puglisi Flies is dedicated to bringing the best flies, fly tying materials, and fly tying accessories to the fly fishing world. Only the highest quality materials are used in our flies and extensive testing in saltwater and freshwater fly fishing realm.
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